Our Membership Token

The hi ecosystem is powered by its native token HI. Our goal is to maximize value for holders of HI, and to allow for true community governance of the largest blockchain ecosystem in the world.

All About HI

Current Price of HI0.000 USD

Token Name and Ticker: HI Token Type: ERC-20 and BEP-20 with potential future migration to hi Protocol

ERC-20 Contract Address


BEP-20 Contract Address


The total token supply of HI currently stands at 9,833,337,402 HI .

The circulating supply of HI currently stands at 2,898,698,243 HI .

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Stakeholders of HI can earn high yield by staking, and get access to premium lifestyle Benefits just for holding.

HI Spot Price:0.000 USD
  • Auto-staked with 20% APY
  • 365 day, daily payout

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