Better with Benefits

The more HI you hold, the higher your Membership Tier and the better the benefits you receive. Members get access to entertainment, travel, concierge and financial rewards. Not all benefits are currently available in all regions.

Entertainment Benefits - 100+ Lifestyle Subscriptions

Pay for your favourite digital subscriptions using your hi Debit Card and get the subscription fee paid back to you as a rebate in HI, up to $12 per month.

Availability: Cardholders
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Travel Benefits - hi x Little Emperors

Enjoy a complimentary 1-year Travel membership to enjoy best rates and many more perks at the world’s most luxurious 5-Star destinations.

Availability: Everyone, Gold+
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Financial Benefits - Boost Your Earnings

Get up to 50% additional APY on your Earnings assets, depending on your tier.

Availability: Everyone
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Membership Tiers

Your Membership Tier is based on the amount of HI you hold in your Vault and Earnings combined.


100 HI Staked


1,000 HI Staked


10,000 HI Staked


100,000 HI Staked


1 Million HI Staked


10 Million HI Staked