Better with Benefits

Members get access to a range of benefits based on Tiers. Earn status points to unlock more travel, lifestyle and financial benefits.

Entertainment Benefits - 100+ Lifestyle Subscriptions

Pay for your favourite digital subscriptions using your hi Debit Card and get the subscription fee paid back to you as a rebate in HI.

Availability: Cardholders
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Travel Benefits - hi x Little Emperors

Enjoy a complimentary 1-year Travel membership to enjoy best rates and many more perks at the world’s most luxurious 5-Star destinations.

Availability: Everyone, Gold+
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Financial Benefits - Boost Your Earnings

Get up to 50% additional APY on your Earnings assets, depending on your tier.

Availability: Everyone
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Membership Tiers

Your Membership Tier is based on the number of Status Points you have at the beginning of each calendar month.


0 Points


100 Points


250 Points


500 Points


1,000 Points


2,000 Points