Bonus For ETH & USDT

Get up to 40% deposit bonus and earn 11% APY
If you want to truly unlock the potential of your Crypto, transfer your USDT or ETH to hi and we’ll pay you to do so.
Get 5% of deposit
Paid in HI
$1,000 +
USD equivalent
Get 10% of deposit
Paid in HI
$10,000 +
USD equivalent
Get 20% of deposit
Paid in HI
$100,000 +
USD equivalent
Get 40% of deposit
Paid in HI
$1 million +
USD equivalent
Plus, yield paid out every Friday
hi Flexible Yield* APY

* USDT/ETH deposit balance must be maintained for 90 days.

** HI Bonus goes to Vault and is released to Flexible daily over 1 year.

*** Yield paid out in USDT/ ETH every Friday to Flexible.

Here’s how you participate

Step 1 - Create Account

Download the hi App and create a free account if you don’t have one already. Invite nickname: Sean

Step 2 - Switch Assets

Bonus For ETH & USDT

Step 3 - Get Your Bonus

To participate in the Switching Bonus campaign, send an email to [email protected]. with:
i) Your hi nickname
ii) TXID or withdrawal screenshot from a Celsius, Nexo, BlockFi or wallet address.

Step 4 - Sit Back & Earn

What’s more you’ll Earn 11% on USDT, 5.5% on ETH with hi Flexible Earn, with no lockup.

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